• Skyblock

The home of Skyblock!

Survival at its best! Create your own Skyblock and play with others!

Playable on Java and Bedrock!

Over 5+ million unique players joined! Online since 2012!

  • The original Skyblock experience.

  • Create your own island and invite friends!

  • Latest Minecraft items and features.

  • Modify your Skyblock island's biome, time, or even toggle rain or snow.

  • Customize your island settings. Natural mob spawning, ore generation, and more.

  • Visit other islands or allow the community to view or interact with your own.

  • Hardcore mode available. Play on Skyblock with just one life.

  • No server resets. Never lose your work.

  • Survival and Economy servers.

Made by the creator of SkyWars! Skyblock how it was supposed to be played!

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