Why SiriusMC is a Good Choice

SiriusMC should be chosen because it is driven by its community. The server is known for offering games in Tekkit 2, Tekkit Legends, The 1.12.2 Pack & Nomifactory. The goal of SiriusMC is to provide the best playing experience on their servers, offering features such as Togglable PVP, PlayerShops, Land Protection, Custom Patches/Plugins, and more! With a leading team of active staff, developers, and cutting-edge hardware, SiriusMC provides a lag-free environment for play.

Tekkit 2:

This latest version of Tekkit modpack for Minecraft 1.12.2 incorporates all the old favourites from Tekkit classic plus additional items like Galacticraft. Considered a recent addition to the network, a Modpack server was also recently made available.

The 1.12.2 Pack:

This large kitchen sink modpack includes over 250+ Mods. It's a pack optimized for high-performance and stable gameplay. The server provides an environment for lag-free gameplay while reaping the benefits of multiplayer play such as a solid community and a balanced economy.

RLCraft (New!):

This modpack is strictly survival-focused and carefully curated. It features over 100+ Mods and is adjusted for an immersive and challenging but rewarding gameplay, introducing a new twist on survival mechanics, resource gathering, progression, and exploration.


An extreme tech-focused expert pack, Nomifactory is centered around Gregtech Community Edition. With over 150+ Mods, it is optimised for performance and offers customised gameplay with unique recipes, resource gathering, and progression.

Tekkit Legends:

A contemporary version of the original Tekkit Classic modpack, SiriusMC has gone to great lengths to develop the modpack, introducing custom mod patches, performance enhancements, and plugins to offer one of the most stable & lag-free Tekkit Legends playing experiences.

Performance & Custom Patches:

SiriusMC operates on an EU-based dedicated server equipped with the best hardware (i9 12900K, 128GB's of RAM, NVM-E Storage), aiming to give you a lag-free playing experience. Developers at SiriusMC have also crafted several custom patches & plugins to address many of the modpack issues.

Playing Options:

By default, SiriusMC is PVE; players can manually switch to PVP mode using /PVP. This provides the flexibility to play the way they want, whether that's peacefully or competitively.

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