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RPDND is a 5th edition dungeons & dragons roleplay experience using Minecraft as our gameboard.

Live out your characters day to day life following the path of a civilian (non-combatant roleplay character) or an adventurer (combatant-d&d character). With a 1 to 1 d&d economy, all your items in-game for you to hold, racial abilities to flavor your roleplay and a 15,000x map to explore what is stopping you? A whitelist isn't... we have been a graylist since the beginning welcoming new players from all levels of roleplay/dnd experience.

24/7 Java Edition Minecraft 16+ Age Requirement Graylist Server w/ New Player Anti Grief Timer

We strive to improve our server for our active community. Everything in-game is designed in mind for you to always have something you can do: roleplay, crafting, resource gathering, exploring, and more.

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RPDND // Dungeons & Dragons
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  • Latest Update12/7/2023
  • Created Date10/27/2023
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