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PocketPixels: A Rising Network of Pixelmon and Faction Servers

Description of Pixelmon Servers

PocketPixels operates a rapidly expanding network of Pixelmon and Faction servers. Their Pixelmon servers provide a superior gaming experience, with PVP being disabled but still offering the chance to build and craft items. Players can engage in battles and train their Pokemon to defeat the gyms and gather all 8 badges. Once this is achieved, players can take on the elite four.

In addition to battling, players can construct their own homes, or choose to become a part of one of the many player-managed cities. Thanks to GriefPrevention, every player has the assurance of being exempt from griefing.

Highlights of Faction Servers

The Faction servers presented by PocketPixels extend some of the most compelling faction experiences available. With an actively growing player base, players can indulge in all the raiding they desire or opt for a more defensive strategy and construct a base with a group of friends.

User Experience and Engagements

PocketPixels also runs a robust website and store, catering to every possible gaming need. The community suggests improvements regularly, and PocketPixels often enacts these adjustments to ensure the most optimal server experience. Players are invited to join the growing community today!

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