Monumenta: The Adventure-Rich Minecraft Server


Monumenta is a Minecraft-based, Survival-mode, action-oriented MMORPG that offers a unique gaming experience. It is rooted in the Complete the Monument (CTM) genre of adventure maps. This server is incredible value as it is entirely free to join and play.

Gaming Experience

With a whopping 19 handmade dungeons and over a hundred quests, it provides a diverse and enriched gaming experience. It also boasts of a collection of 1000+ custom items and a choice of seven customizable classes. All these elements are connected conveniently over multiple enormous overworlds. This ensures that Monumenta provides an expansive adventure that users can engage with, solo or in cooperative mode. This can be enjoyed for hundreds of hours with virtually no repetitive grinding.

Updates and Community

Monumenta, being live since its Closed Beta phase in June 2017, updates weekly with new content and bug fixes. It is a community-driven project that is committed to being free to play. Welcoming old and new players, the invitation to join the Monumenta community today stands open.

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