Introducing MineMalia Network: A Custom-Minecraft Experience

MineMalia Network positions itself to be an exceptional Minecraft server which offers a seamless, custom and lag-free gaming experience for its users.

Unleash your Inner Gamer with our Exciting Gamemodes

Survival 1.17

With features like player shops, unique enchantments, player-centric experiences such as quests, player warps, and the 'no griefing & no PvP' environment, it allows you to dive into a world of adventure in an undisturbed manner.

Lifesteal 1.19

Experience a thrilling battle where you have the opportunity to steal hearts from your opponents, gaining more power and nearing invincibility.

Survival 1.20

Our first survival mode available in 1.19, with similar features to 1.17, offering player shops, custom enchantments, mcmmo, player warps, and interesting quests.

Prison 1.17

Journey through levels (A-Z, 20 prestiges), with custom enchants, various opportunities to gather resources (shards, mcmmo, player shops, public mines), and create your personal plots & gangs.

Enhance Your Gaming with More Gamemodes Offered

Skyblock 1.19 & Oneblock 1.19

Immerse yourself in challenges across missions, public mines, opportunities to trade (chest shops), island hops and mcmmo. Boost your game with features like custom enchantments in Skyblock and quests, and chest shop auctions in Oneblock.

Skywars 1.12.2, Factions 1.17 & Creative 1.19

Engage in dedicated game modes, enhance your gameplay with levels, voting for chests, custom maps, purchasable kits, PvP, faction upgrades, and create your world within big plots.

Bedwars 1.17.1 & Duels 1.17.1

Appreciate strategic games across many maps with levels, fast purchasing, item, and upgrade shops along with ELO ranks, multiple maps, crystal PvP and many kits.

Kitpvp 1.17.1 & Arcade 1.12.2

Step into the free for all PvP arena and collect points for multiple kits in Kitpvp. In Arcade mode, engage in fun games with multiple players, including quake, tnt run, tag, and temple run.

Escape From The Beast, BoxPvP 1.19

Choose your skin, map, runners, and proceed in the run for your life from the beast. BoxPvP offers grinding and PvP with starter mines, auction house, and prestiges.

Come and join players from around the world in our spectacular gamemodes at!

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