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Minebuilders is ranked among the earliest Minecraft servers, having hosted services for an impressive span of four years.

A Hub of Unique Gamemodes

Presently, it functions as a hub server, showcasing a diverse array of custom-coded gamemodes, meticulously designed to cater to a wide spectrum of player preferences. The most sought-after of these gamemodes is the wasteland server, offering users a thrilling blend of innovative weaponry ranging from guns and bombs to powerful missiles, all for combating robust custom AI mobs.

A Return to Classic Survival

For enthusiasts of the classic survival gamemode, Minebuilders' survival server leaves players astounded with its mind-boggling features and formidable factions to either align with or combat. In addition to this, they can leverage the benefits of numerous conventional plugins like Chestshop, economy, hawkeye and more employed across the servers.

A Server Tailored for You

Irrespective of your requirements or play style, Minebuilders has got you covered!

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