MassiveCraft: The Original Factions Server

Factions, Kingdoms, and Sieges

MassiveCraft has constantly evolved since the introduction of the Factions plugin, boasting custom features, rank creation capabilities, and unique permissions. It now includes 2 in-house extension plugins, Kingdoms and Sieges, which function as the Factions equivalent to Towny Nations. Players group up with their faction allies to form Kingdoms and conduct Sieges to conquer enemy factions.


MassiveCraft offers intense McMMO enhanced battles, with the added layer of special abilities from the custom MassiveRaces plugin. Compete in a variety of custom arenas through MCDuels KitPvP. Aspire to become a PvP champion with a global ELO system. In MassiveCraft, battles extend to the Kingdoms and Sieges phase.


MassiveCraft introduces Aloria, a high fantasy setting, home to Regalia - a city housing the Regalian Empire's brightest minds and criminals. Players can join guard charters, criminal gangs, noble families, businesses and more, depending on their preferred playstyle. The city evolves based on player actions.

Events & Minigames

The server aims to be enjoyable for each group of players with regular events, contests, and the introduction of Minigames. Compete on five unique PvP maps alongside your team for victory!


The friendly staff team is always ready to assist. This server uses an intuitive ticket system for player assistance, and the team is continuously working on server improvements.


The RPG experience on MassiveCraft unfolds in Silverwind, a colony in Essalonia. Here, it's possible to complete quests from NPCs that guide players around the island, face custom mobs, solve puzzles, and even become the Hero of Silverwind!


Parkour challenges in MassiveCraft are located in the Gauntlet Dungeons featuring physical and mental obstacles that progressively increase in difficulty. Players receive a unique, custom item reward upon completion of each level.

Join the adventure on MassiveCraft using 1.13–1.19.3 clients and create your own legacy!

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