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OP Prison

The main point of OP Prison is to mine your way out to freedom. To get started you will have an inmate kit in your inventory. You will need to do /warp a to take the first step on your way to freedom. As you continue to rank up, the mines will get better and ranking up will get harder as you progress. You should now be at the point where you cannot rank up anymore since you are Z rank.

OP Factions

Fancy something a bit more over powered? Introducing OP Factions, where gods take on kings to battle to the top of the server! Through lots of grinding, hard work and defending, you can work your way up our rankings and earn prestigious payouts for all of your hard work and efforts!


Welcome to the world of Factions, where you must raid, grind and battle your way to the top! Many rewards and prizes are up for grabs as you start your quest to form the strongest team on the server. This gamemode contains separate rules to the rest of the network.


The main point of Skyblock is to upgrade your /is level to reach /is top while earning money. When you join, you will receive a /kit starter in your inventory. In order to start out, you will need to do /is and set up your island. Upon doing so, you should check out /quests to earn some awesome rewards while playing on our server. These quests will walk you through the basics of Skyblock on LemonCloud, such as our /cf system, /lottery, /ah and /shop. If you have completed these quests, you can challenge yourself with the Advanced and Weekly quests. When you feel that you are ready for battle, you can head over to the /pvppit and take part in an envoy to earn some cool rewards. However, before you do take to battle it is recommended that you upgrade some MCMMO skills with /redeem.


LemonCloud's Minecraft Survival gamemode is an enhanced version of the classic survival experience. Players start off with a limited set of resources and must gather and craft items to survive. The server features enhanced biomes, which means that the world has more variety and is more diverse than the standard Minecraft world. Additionally, the server has leaderboards that show the top players in various categories such as money earned, blocks mined, and more. Another unique feature of LemonCloud's Survival gamemode is the custom enchantments. These enchantments offer new abilities and powers to players' tools and weapons. This adds an extra layer of depth to the game, as players can choose different enchantments to suit their playstyle. Lastly, the server also features quests, which are a series of tasks that players can complete to earn rewards.


The main point of Creative is to let your creative juices flow and build something truly spectacular! We offer 125x125 mergeable plots, paired with all the fancy new blocks in the latest update!


The main point of KitPvP is to battle with other online players in order to level up and be recognised as the best around.

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