Experience Unmatched PvP Modes at JackpotMC

Dedicated Minecraft Server for PvP Games

JackpotMC operates as a dedicated server primarily focusing on Player vs Player (PvP) game modes. Extending a range of engaging game modes, the platform invites players to partake in an adrenaline-rushing gaming experience.

Lifesteal SMP

In its efforts to continually provide diverse and thrilling modes, JackpotMC introduces its latest addition - Lifesteal SMP. This game mode offers a unique and singular experience, allowing players to steal hearts from their opponents. After a player eliminates another, they gain a heart from the defeated player. Conversely, should a player meet their demise at the hands of another, they consequently lose a heart to their killer. Once out of hearts, a player is temporarily banned for the rest of the day, adding a thrilling element of strategic gameplay.

An Anarchy Experience: No Claims, No Griefing Rules

With JackpotMC, one experiences an unrivaled sense of anarchy – there are no claims to worry about and no rules on griefing. It brings the most wholesome, unadulterated PvP gaming experience to the fore, where each battle is a fight for survival, strategy, and ultimately, triumph.

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