I-Pixelmon: A Unique Minecraft Experience

Why is I-Pixelmon Different?

I-Pixelmon is not just another server. It pops out from the crowd with its unique features:

  • Pixelmon Showdown
  • Battle Tower
  • Real Gym Leaders
  • Real Elite Four Members
  • A Real Server Champion
  • Boss Room
  • Training Tower
  • EV Training Room
  • Boss Raids
  • Rewarded Trivia
  • Land Claiming
  • Actual Survival (Building and Mining)
  • Inventory Kept Post-Game
  • GTS
  • WonderTrade
  • Player Shops
  • And much more!

Longevity and Dedication

The I-Network has been running continuously since December 2012. Dedicated, prepared for the long run, the team at I-Pixelmon is committed to give their community expected updates, uptime, and most importantly, peace of mind. They ensure users that their progress will not be lost from an unexpected server closure like what happens with most new servers nowadays.

One can join I-Pixelmon.com today for the unparalleled Pixelmon experience!

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  • Latest Update12/7/2023
  • Created Date10/30/2023
  • Server Host
  • Websitei-network.in