HearthCraft: A No-Griefing Economy SMP

HearthCraft is a non-griefing economy SMP server having a store with 0% pay-to-win feature. It has been providing optimal experiences since October 2018. The aim of HearthCraft is to bring people together which the team are experts at.

HearthCraft is not premised on RPG, a custom-world SMP, or any overly complex game. There is a key focus on ensuring that the server has many features but not to the extent of destroying the experience of the vanilla Minecraft that is widely loved. Aside from Minecraft, most players adore the community aspect that HearthCraft has successfully cultivated.


• There will never be any server reset. HearthCraft's world dates back to July 2019.

• It offers 0% of pay-to-win perks.

• Resource worlds that are reset on a monthly basis.

• The producing server has Dynmap.

• HearthCraft shows zero tolerance towards any forms of hate speech.

• The server has a pet system incorporated.

• Players can advance in the Level-up System which based on playtime, mcMMO, and the economy.

• Zoning is allowed for the players to claim land.

• The economy system is active and healthy, such features include player shops, player warps, auctions, and others.

• There is an embedded Marriage plugin.

• The server provides /wild command for a random teleportation.

• HearthCraft has a leader board where categories range from blocks mined and mobs killed to slices of cakes consumed and pig distances.

Technical Aspects

• The server operates on a dedicated Ryzen 5 5600X machine in Virginia.

• HearthCraft uses Purpur.

• It features block logging with CoreProtect and inventory rollback, which is activated in rare circumstances where the server is evidently at fault, and with InventorySaver.

• /pl is public.

• No keep-inventory is sustained but /back is enabled and drops are locked, implying only you can take them.

• The set difficulty level is hard.

• The main world is sized 90,000 * 90,000. All other worlds measure 20,000 * 20,000.

• There are no impositions on entity culling, mob stacking, or other plugin-reliant farm restrictions.

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