GamesLabs Network: A Unique Minecraft Experience

Resurrection Of A Once Popular Network

The GamesLabs network, formerly a flourishing Minecraft network, has been revived after a year of dedicated effort. Its abundance of unique features such as custom sounds, user interfaces, cosmetics, challenges, season pass, and not forgetting, games!

Bursting With Mini-Games

Over 50 different mini-games are available that players can launch on a game board or choose to play in party mode.

The Premier Games

Three primary games dominate the network, each with a unique edge.


It's among the most popular games. Minescape draws inspiration from Runescape, showcasing over 20 kills, quests, mobs, sounds, a grand exchange, custom items, and even a Runescape map!


Being a blend of DayZ and Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Apocalypse throws players into the struggle of survival on a hostile island. Players encounter gameplay elements like thirst, hunger, temperature changes, weather conditions, sounds, weapons, armors, bosses, and dungeons.

Battle Of The Heroes

This game offers a crossplay of various other games. Here, it's an Hero-based PvP battleground. Players can select a hero, and using their abilities, fight in a grand arena.

Revamped Mini-Games

Old favorites like Mix-Up, Bit-Trip, Ghost-Run, and Quiddcraft have been given new life to match the quality of GamesLabs' standards.

A Unique Player Experience

The GamesLabs Network aims to provide players with an unparalleled experience, leaving them amazed at every turn. With weekly updates and open communication with their community for improvements, the team continue to enhance this experience.

Never Before Seen Features

The network is adorned with features not seen on any server before, like custom ambient sounds, unique user interfaces, a high render distance of up to 32 chunks, and unique cosmetics.

Join the Network

Everyone is welcome to join and enjoy the GamesLabs network.

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GamesLabs Network
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