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DiamondFire is a multimedia server in the Minecraft universe. They enable players to construct their own games, employing DiamondFire's visual programming platform specially designed for the task. The server employs regular Minecraft blocks to build logic for the games.

No Prior Experience Needed

With DiamondFire, players don't need previous programming experience to construct their own minigames in Minecraft. The establishment of a server, knowledge of coding, or downloading client mods are unnecessary; players just need to be part of mcdiamondfire.com to start creating.

Recognitions and Accolades

DiamondFire has been recognized and honored in various platforms. In February 2016, Minecraft Forum named it the #1 Minigame Server. The server has constantly received praise for its original idea and vibrant community.

Global Showcase

In July 2017, DiamondFire was featured at the Scratch 2017 Conference in Bordeaux, France. The conference was dedicated to Scratch, an education tool for computer science developed by MIT. DiamondFire, by providing a block-based coding system within Minecraft multiplayer, promotes learning in programming in a unique social environment. The participation resulted in high engagement and significant learning outcomes. Below, find a video of the creators of DiamondFire speaking about the platform to educators at the conference.

Featured by Renowned YouTubers

DiamondFire has attracted attention from reputable YouTubers worldwide. The server was featured in an engaging video by the renowned PhoenixSC in July 2019.

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