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Welcome to DeadMC: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

The World

In the world of DeadMC, the scenario is post-apocalyptic and filled with wandering zombies. Survivors are free to scavenge the open world, align with others, or even establish their own territories. Initiating a town isn't merely about claiming territory. It's about construction, defense, recruitment, administration, and evolution into an empire.

Unique Experiences

DeadMC revolutionizes the concept of Minecraft survival, providing an entirely unique experience. It introduces an array of zombies capable of a plethora of actions. Some can climb; others can shoot and even explode, making survival an intriguing challenge. The Blood Moon that appears every 7th Minecraft night escalates the challenge for ambitious players.

Game Features

DeadMC provides players with the liberty to access and browse through hundreds of player-owned shops using the /find menu and participate in the server market. It also allows players to complete /tasks, increasing their streaks to secure greater rewards. Additionally, players have the opportunity to hone their survival skills with mcMMO.


DeadMC nurtures a family-friendly community and encourages respectful conduct among its members by implementing the /rules.

Longevity and Updates

Since 2016, DeadMC has been operational with the same world, releasing frequent updates to elevate the gaming experience. It ensures that there are no map resets and backs up all the data twice daily to preserve the progress of each player securely.

Join Today!

DeadMC is now live on 1.20.2. Play today!

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