Features of the Minecraft server

No sign-up required

One can simply join and play without the hassle of signing up.


The server features the popular plugin mcMMO.

Various Jobs and Quests

A range of Minecraft jobs, including Miner, Digger, Hunter and 12+ more, are available for players. There are also quests to be completed.

Player Shops

Players can create their own shop within the game.


The Veinminer feature allows players to break ore veins with just a single action.

Tree Destruction Mods

Mods like ChopTree/Timbermod/Treedestroyage enable players to take down an entire tree with a single punch.

Griefdefender and Towns

Players can enjoy both the Griefdefender mod as well as various in-game towns.

Lottery Taxes

Taxes collected in-game feed into a substantial lottery system where players can win big.

Clan Creation

Players are also allowed to form clans, displaying their clan name as their prefix.

And Much More

There's much more to be explored on this server!

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