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CatCraft: Expanding and Enhancing Minecraft Survival Gameplay

An Exceptional Minecraft Experience

CatCraft is a Minecraft server compatible with both Java and Bedrock Editions, striving to bring fresh vitality into vanilla survival gameplay. Running on the latest version of Minecraft, the server updates throughout the year, offering an exciting and evolved place for Minecraft and Cats enthusiasts.

Embark on an Exciting Journey

Engage in an unforgettable adventure with CatCraft, an immersive and feature-laden Minecraft Survival SMP. Designed to balance thrill and simplicity, both new and seasoned players can immerse themselves in a rich and lively world teeming with boundless opportunities.

Explore, Create, Thrive

Immerse in our continuously expanding, never-reseting Overworld, inclusive of the freshly introduced Green Realm replete with untapped adventures. Appreciate seamless resource gathering with our effective tree chopping and veinmining support – a boon for builders and miners. Shape CatCraft's diamond-based economy with our community-run Market saturated with distinctive player-owned shops.

Enjoy Regular Updates and Compatibility

Stay updated with the latest Minecraft alterations, enhance your experience with fresh content and endless exploration. Play on your chosen platform, as our server offers full Java and Bedrock editions support.

Engage with Our Global Community

Mingle with amicable players and supportive staff from different time zones, ensuring an active and helpful community around the clock. Experience non-stop fun with our high-performance servers, superior grief protection, and lag-free gameplay.

Take Part in Regular Activities

Join stimulating events and activities guided by our committed staff, keeping CatCraft fresh and entertaining.

Embark on this journey today and join our expanding CatCraft community. The adventure of a lifetime awaits – are you up for the challenge?

Server Details:

  • IP: mc.catcraft.net
  • Bedrock Port: 19132
  • Wiki: https://wiki.catcraft.net/
  • Store: https://store.catcraft.net/

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