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Catgu prides itself on fair and balanced gameplay and never being pay-to-win. There are no pay to win items or systems present on this server.

New Biomes (Terralith, Nether, End)

It features exciting new biomes such as Terralith, Nether and the End, providing a unique gameplay experience.

Custom Item and Armor

Players can enjoy the addition of custom items and armor, expanding the options for in-game play.

Keep Inventory On

One can rest easy without worry of item loss upon death, as the keep inventory option is turned on.

Land Claim

The server offers the ability to claim land, providing players their own personal space for constructing or farming.

New Boss & Structures

Brace for the challenge as new boss encounters and structures are to be explored throughout the world.

Game Difficulty: Hard

Naturally, the game difficulty is set to hard, pushing players to improve their skills and strategies.

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Cape Network
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