BoxxyNetwork - Medieval MC (Fabric)

It is confirmed that BoxxyNetwork is a relatively recent Minecraft Modded Server Network, mainly placed in the heart of Europe. Nevertheless, this situation does not prevent players worldwide from participating and enjoying the servers.

Their primary goal is ensuring an efficient, lag-free, mature, yet exciting and enjoyable modded Minecraft experience for all users. Utilizing dedicated server hardware, they endeavour to offer the best and smoothest gameplay on every server they currently operate.

Server Information

Concerning Medieval MC in its v20.5 version, it is important to note the AFK Timeout, which is set at 15 minutes.

Automated Server Ranks based on Playtime

At present, various ranks have been established. Players can attain these ranks when they commit a certain amount of time to active play on the server. These ranks come with additional perks such as increased claimed/loaded chunks, homes and more.

Vote Rewards

Players will get a specially designed vote reward box every time they vote. This box contains a randomized item.

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