Apocalyptic Gaming Network Overview

Foundational Background

Apocalyptic Gaming Network(AGN), a multi-server modded/vanilla Minecraft network, was founded in 2010. It hosts over 30 servers, providing a diverse gaming experience.

Key Features

AGN offers interesting features namely; Factions (Voltz Only), GriefPrevention (Custom Made), and Towny. There is an economy system that includes Shops, Rewards, Kits, Keys, Crates, and Vote Rewards, all put together with a custom plugin.

Worlds and Networking

Dozens of worlds are available for players to explore. The gaming network employs Bungeecord Network (Custom Made), facilitating seamless gaming interaction. Communication is made easy with a Global Chat, Mail, and Messaging system, also powered by a custom plugin.

Community and Support

There is an active Discord server where gamers can interact. Support is available round the clock with staff active 24/7 in-game and on Discord. This ensures maximum uptime for gamers to enjoy uninterrupted play.

Game Restrictions

Providing a liberal gaming environment, each server on AGN has less than 10 banned items. This minimizes restrictions and enhances gaming experience.

Active Players

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Apocalyptic Gaming Network
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