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Alto Survival Pro

Argentinean Server Crafted in Mendoza

High Quality Ping

It provides optimal ping in Latin America, accomplished through its hosting in Mendoza, Argentina.

Survival Focused

The main focus of this server is on survival mode.

Well-Organized and User-Friendly

The server is orderly and easy to understand, complete with a comprehensive help menu that explains new mechanics.

In Spanish

Players can command the game in Spanish, making it very user-friendly.

Starter & Weekly Kit

Each player receives a starter kit and weekly kits.

Protection for New Users

New users will have 30 minutes of protection to get familiar with the game.

Protection Blocks

For added safety, blocks of protections are placed around.

Economy and Jobs

To simulate a real-world environment, the server includes an economy and jobs for players.


Meteorites contribute an extra thrill to the gaming experience.


To help you through your journey, backpacks are provided.

New Items

This server supports introducing new items that will contribute to enhancing the gaming experience.

Respawning End Dragons and Regenerating Battle Zone

End dragons respawn on the server, and the battle area is regenerated so that all players can have a balanced fight against the dragon.

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Alto Survival Pro
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  • Latest Update12/7/2023
  • Created Date10/30/2023
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