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Among the most active all the mods 8 servers. Immerse yourself in an ever-growing community of ATM8 enthusiasts, boasting 50+ active players each night.

Our dynamic server, provides a lag-free, immersive experience for your gaming pleasure.

Experiencing crashes upon server entry?

For optimal performance, we recommend a provision of 10GB of RAM to your client.

###Waging war on lag Prioritizing high tick-per-second (TPS) for large player counts, we're committed to offering you a seamless, lag-free gaming journey. Our server boasts beastly specs: an i9-13900K processor, 128GB Ddr5 5600Mhz RAM, 2X 2TB Gen4 Nvme, and a 1Gbps port.

Custom-coded in-game economy and playershop G

In addition to our main server, we also have a secondary server that operates without an Economy system. IP: atm8-2.moddedmc.net

What is All the Mods 8 (ATM8)?

ATM8 is an adaptable modpack designed with the passionate Minecraft enthusiast in mind. It offers a wide selection of mods, ranging from the innovative to the classic. Whether your interest lies in technology, magic, or construction materials, ATM8 has got you covered, encouraging a gaming style free from constraints.

If a modpack filled with variety and challenge is what you're after, All the Mods 8 is a clear frontrunner. You're invited to be part of our public server, where you can connect with other players, form new friendships, and together dive into the exhilarating universe of All the Mods 8!

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All the Mods 8 // The Modded MC Network
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