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Alathra is recognized as one of the globally sought-after and frequently played world building servers. Here, players approach with diverse interests, ranging from joining the grand towns and nations spread across Alathra to constructing their own community in an undeveloped land. Some aspire to conquer trade and prosper as affluent merchants, while others envision starting their own player-run guild or introducing a new religion.

A corner of solitude high up on a mountain, living the life of a hermit, might be another individual's call. Whatever the desire may be, Alathra ensures that it's within reach – for this is the land where players narrate the tale. Filled with characters, nations, cultures, and organizations, Alathra has seen countless wars and battles.

Heroes, villains, and those fluctuating in the shades of gray in between, everyone has a part to play in Alathra's rich history. Will the next significant mark on this historical canvas be yours? Why ponder? Start the journey today!

For more information, visit the Alathra discord: https://discord.com/invite/7u8McWGsut IP: play.alathra.com Dynmap: http://map.alathra.com/ Wiki: https://alathramc.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page

Key Features of Alathra


Through the Towny feature, players can create towns and cities with their friends or become a part of the existing ones. The facility to claim areas for safe construction and storage of items is also available here. Ranging from large nations with expanding cities to serene, quaint farming villages, the possibilities in Alathra are endless!


Narrating its lore, facilitating roleplay (RP), and encouraging geopolitics are among the primary gameplay aspects of Alathra. The community here constantly intrigues with captivating lore, compelling player-led organizations, events, religions, conflicts, and wars. Now, you too can contribute your unique storyline to Alathra, inevitably set to cross paths with other intriguing narratives.


Alathra’s overworld, crafted using the custom terraforged generation, augments the standard playing and exploring experience compared to the vanilla version. The objective behind this generation was to blend in the quintessential 'Minecraft' world with an enhanced experience. The exploration in Alathra includes the sight of connecting rivers and oceans, stunning mountain ranges, expansive deserts, and other upgrades to the vanilla overworld generation.


At Alathra, a dedicated developer team ceaselessly designs new plugins and features that add a unique touch to the server. These plugins include lockpicking, a custom war system, character cards, medieval weapons, a fast travel port system, regional resources, and numerous other interesting attributes!


With its Movecraft plugin, Alathra enables the creation of moveable ships - from small boats for fishing to large Man o' Wars. Chest-filled trade ships or cannon-lined war vessels could be a reality on Alathra's waterfront. This version of Movecraft on Alathra also allows naval combat.


The Brewery plugin of Alathra empowers players to create a diverse range of exciting brews, along with many custom brews conjured by the players. As a resident of Alathra, one can transform into a town's barkeeper and experiment with hundreds of custom brews.

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